2 Days Trekking to Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda

2 Days Rwenzori Trekking starts at Trekkers Hostel in Kyanjiki 12 Kilometers from Kasese past Kilembe. The 2 Days Rwenzori Trekking is best to start by 8.30 am but can leave as late as 10 am. Meet your guides and briefing. You walk 2.2km to the UWA Ranger’s post at 1,727metres. 1 or 2 persons $400 each, 3 or more persons $380 each plus UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) gate entrance fee of $35 per day which is paid separately in cash. Price includes all porters, food (meals), and accommodation whilst in the mountain.

Day 2: Hiking Mt. Rwenzori (Nyabitaba to John Maata camp)

Safari by day Itinerary: 2 Days Rwenzori Trekking

Day 1: Briefing from the Guides

Briefing from the guides at the basecamp 1,450m and start the trek, hike to Sine Camp at 2,596 meters, the hike will take you through the tall forest trees of the Afro-montane forest zone. This is a steady climb for about 6 kilometers then along a steep climb towards Sine hut. The hike will offer you lots of plant and flower species to view, birds, and a chance of seeing some animal species like Columbus monkeys, crossing the beautiful Enock falls as we hike up to Sine Camp which is only 200metres from Sine. Covering 9.5km approximately 5 to 6 hours of walking.

You can sleep at Sine Camp, or those who are fit and want to proceed to Kalalama Camp at 3,134 meters may do so, and apart from the fantastic views.

Day 2: Forest Walk

Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori Trekking

After a good breakfast and depending on which camp you slept in depends on today’s activities. If you slept in Kalalama Camp you will hear the calls of the Rwenzori Turaco which loves living and nesting in the Giant Heathers which are abundant here.

You may choose to search out the Turaco to get good photos or you may decide to climb up a little farther to see the mosses growing on the ground, logs and trees before returning down to just above Sine Camp where you take the trail on the left slope down to Enock Falls which is truly beautiful and walk down through some incredibly beautiful forest.

The forest walk is a steady descent through a pristine forest with a multitude of birds. There are several patches of bamboo while in other areas the trees are laced with hundreds of vines hanging between trees which have bright green lichen on them. This section of forest is spectacular and just before you get to Sine Camp you walk across a stream immediately below a beautiful waterfall. At Sine Camp, you sit on the verandah and look down at a stunning set of rapids cascading down the valley.

Or if you had decided to sleep in Sine Camp you may decide to walk straight down the forest walk or you may climb up to Kalalama Camp to experience to views before passing back down to the park entrance and the hostel.

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