9 Days Bukurungu Trekking Route to the Rwenzori Mountains

Exclusive 9 Days Bukurungu Trekking Route to the Rwenzori Mountains. The Bukurungu Trekking Route to the Rwenzori Mountains is 9 days long.

Bukurungu Trail

Bukurungu Trail

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Day 1: Omukorukumi 1700m – Community Camp 2500m (Tent Pitch)

Begin the day by meeting your guides and porters early in the morning, and then begin the 6-hour journey to the community camp at 2500m. You proceed across broad farmlands and pastures, passing through thick elephant grasses and people’s homes.
This is a 6-kilometer trek, followed by dinner and an overnight stay at the communal camp.

Day 2: Community Camp 2500m – Rwigo Camp 3300m

This 7-hour hike takes you through montane forest zones, where you may see animals such as three-horned chameleons, tree squirrels, and monkeys. The journey from community camp to Rwigo camp is challenging but fulfilling and amazing.

Dinner and overnight at Rwigo wilderness camp.

Day 3: Rwigo Camp – Campeho Camp 3950m

The walk leads you along the Bukurungu ridge, with spectacular views of the gateway peaks, the Hima cement mill, and Mount Gessi. It’s a difficult ascent through the afro Alpine zone on bare rocks. The trek from Rwigo to Campeho takes 7 hours.

Day 4: Kambeho Camp – Kinyamiyeya Camp 4030m

On your left Shadow, the gloomy but gorgeous gateway peaks meet you in the morning as you appreciate the Heather zones, groundsels type of plants that make this walk special. Kinyamiyeya camp is a 6-hour hike away.

Dinner and a night’s stay.

Day 5: Kinyamiyeya Camp – Johnmaate Camp 3505m

This route leads you down to Johnmaate camp for dinner and an overnight stay along the shores of the Bukurungu lakes.

Day 6: Johnmaate Camp – Bujuku Camp

Day 7: Bujuku camp

Bujuku pass Irene lakes summit Margherita peak and back to Bujuku camp.

Day 8: Bujuku Camp – Johnmaate Camp

Bujuku camp – Johnmaate camp lunch and continue to Nyabitaba camp for dinner and an overnight.

Day 9: Nyabitaba Camp – Nyakalengija 1650m

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