Birding Tours for Seniors

Birding Tours for Seniors for Solo & Small Group in 2024

All-inclusive Birding Tours for Seniors, Small Groups for 2024. Our 2024 Birding Tours for Seniors in Africa At Best Price Guarantee are the best Guided Bird watching Trip Packages in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, Kabaira Safaris Africa offers unbeatable African birding trips as one of the most dependable birding companies in the bird tour industry.

“Majestic Shoebill” – Amazing Birding in Mabamba Swamp and Entebbe, Uganda 2019

Uganda remains one of the key birding destinations that toy wouldn’t wish to leave out of your bucket list a country with over 1080+ different birds species, a country with over 25 different Albertine endemic species, a country with about 5 different birding habitats, a country that boasts 5 birds per square Kilometer surely you can’t skip it out of your birding plans, All this can be proved and believed only if you take an extra mile to go birding in Uganda, you will be charmed off with the birdlife you encounter since the country boost 50% of Africa’s birds and about 10% of world birds it’s one place you should look out for.

Kenya! This is truly one of the planet’s most exciting countries for birds as well as for big game (along with all the small mammals, of course). On a three-week Kenya birding tour, you can see 550 to 750 bird species (we usually don’t race, and we like to spend adequate time with each species, so we don’t try to pad our list with lots of “glimpse only” or “heard only” birds, but we usually do see well over 600 bird species). While accumulating a humongous bird list (and enjoying the birds seen rather than racing from one bird to the next) you’ll also be able to enjoy Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, and Blue Wildebeest (on migration in the Masai Mara if your tour is timed right when these beasts haven’t crossed the Tanzania border into the Serengeti), African Elephant, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Plains Zebra, and more.

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Birding Tours for Seniors

Hildebrandt’s Starling

10 Days Kenya Birding Safari has been designed to allow you to enjoy top Birding and Big Game watching in Kenya, while at the same time making magical photographs. In this 10 Days Kenya Birding photography safari, the tour pace is slow to allow enough time for great photo opportunities. We shall maximize mornings and afternoons for best light conditions, and only travel during the hot part of the day.

Jameson’s Wattle-eye

This exciting 11 Days Kenya Birding Safari Tour allows you to enjoy the Western Kenya Circuit as you pick the rare birds that inhabit this region. We begin in Nairobi and loop West in an exciting route that is aimed at maximizing each habitat. Highlight birds expected include Jameson’s Wattle-eye, Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye, Three-banded Courser, Spotted Thick-knee, Slender-tailed Nightjar, Nyanza Swift.

Usambara Double collared Sunbird

Birding in Uganda: Visit Uganda and Rwanda on a short or extended bird watching safari with Birding Journeys Uganda. We offer individualized itineraries for groups, individuals, and families interested in birdwatching. We want to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, genuine experience on our birding excursions. Seniors, private groups, and families will enjoy our expertly led, tailor-made birding adventures in Uganda. Come along on one of our curated birding safaris, or let us help you design a trip from the ground up.

grey Crowned Cranes Akagera National Park Rwanda

With over 750 different bird species, Rwanda is a fantastic destination for birdwatchers. Rwanda, a small country covering only 26,338 square kilometers, has more bird species per square kilometer than any other African country. In Rwanda, you can see a wide variety of birds while only exploring a small region or being in the field for a short period of time. The difficult-to-spot bird species are also within easy viewing distance.

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Birding in Kenya for seniors

Kenya is a popular destination for safaris in Africa. Kenya is the ideal safari destination because of its classic safari scenery, plenty of iconic safari wildlife, breathtaking mountains, and proximity to tropical beaches. We’ve all heard of the Big Five safaris in Amboseli, the Masai Mara, and Samburu, but have you ever heard of a Kenya birding safari?

Only 15 countries in the world can make that claim, but Kenya is one of them. Kenya is second only to the inaccessible Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania in the number of documented species, at 1,154.

Kenya’s diversified topography is responsible for the country’s impressive bird population. Kenya’s geographical diversity is the result of the country’s elevation change from sea level to more than 1500 meters (approximately 4921ft) before dropping into the Great Rift Valley. Among these varied ecosystems are the alpine habitats of Mt. Kenya and the more dry desert scrub to the north in Samburu and around Lake Turkana, as well as the vast savannah grasslands of the Masai Mara.

Birdwatching in Tanzania for seniors

Tanzania is one of the best sites in the world for birdwatchers, with more than 1,388 different species of birds living there permanently and many more migrating through on their way to and from Europe and Southern Africa. There is a wide variety of birds to see, from the massive Marshall eagle to the tiny sunbird, the secretive Shoebill to the ever-present Marabou.

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