10 Epic Things to Do in Amboseli National Park, Activities  for 2024

For once in a lifetime safari adventures, Amboseli National Park is a top stop on any African safari.

One of the world’s biggest concentrations of elephants and an abundance of other mammals make this park a must-visit.

Here we have outlined the top activities in Amboseli, a stunning region in southern Kenya.

Things to Do in Amboseli National Park

Game drive viewing

Game Drive at Amboseli National Park – Amboseli – Kenya, Africa

The vast plains, acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush, and marsh area make up Amboseli National Park, a breathtaking habitat rich of wild creatures and the big five. The park is also home to a large number of elephants.

You can go on a game drive at any time of day, although the morning (from 6:30 am to 11:30 am) and evening (from 2 pm to 6:30 pm) are the greatest times to watch wild creatures.

Spectacled hynes, waterbucks, buffalo, baboons, aardwolfs, leopards, jackals, lions, elephants, and many more species can be seen during the day as they satisfy their thirst on the banks of water.

Maasai cultural tours

When you visit Amboseli National Park in the afternoon, you have the opportunity to see the local community known as the “Maasai people,” who live in close proximity to the park.

You may experience their exciting traditional dances as they bounce up and down, learn about their unique way of life, plant seeds with them to help reforest, and even join them for a once in a lifetime opportunity to create truly unique apparel.

Bubbly sundowner

The “sun-downer” has been around since the great safaris of the 1920s, when guests would sip sophisticated cocktails as they watched the sun set over Africa.

The sundowner starts with a leisurely evening game drive, and guests will get to the venue just as the sky over Amboseli changes a golden-pink hue, setting the perfect moment for the event to begin.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


The world’s highest free-standing peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, also happens to be the tallest mountain in Africa.

The three volcanic cones of Kilimanjaro are Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. Kibo, the highest peak, is dormanant and could erupt again; Mawenzi and Shira are extinct.

Many people visit Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania in the hopes of seeing the magnificent lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, leopards, and countless other animals, and many of these visitors also have the lifelong goal of climbing this magnificent mountain.

Elephant study

With the help of Dr. Cynthia Moss, whose publications include Elephant Memories and The Amboseli Elephants, the Amboseli elephants have become some of the most studied in the world.

Amboseli Trust for Elephants runs the research camp in the park’s center, and visiting there is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with these majestic animals.

It is possible to schedule a one-hour lecture at the camp, where researchers will describe their work and other relevant topics of elephant conservation. There will be time for questions at the end of the talk, but the camp is not open for casual visitors.

Guided nature walk

As a result of its natural setting, the park is home to a variety of beautiful plants, marshes, and mammals that visitors can observe on nature walks.

Amboseli National Park offers guided nature hikes that go around the park and up the observation hills.

If you want to discover the park’s hidden gems and get up close and personal with wild species like elephants, zebras, giraffes, impalas, buffalo, and more, a guided nature walk is the way to go.

As an added bonus, guests can enjoy the views of snow-capped Kilimanjaro in the distance while listening to the lovely songs of birdsong.

Bird watching


One of the top things to do in Kenya is to visit Amboseli National Park, which is home to more than 400 different bird species. These birds may be seen all across the park, including in grasslands, swamps, and acacia forests.

You can spot flamingos of both smaller and larger sizes, as well as rufous chatterers, spike-heeled herons, tavete golden weavers, vonder Dicken’s hornbills, common redshanks, pangani longclaws, and Dickinson’s kestrels.

The months of May through June and October through December are prime time for birdwatching in Amboseli National Park. In order to see distant bird species clearly, binoculars are an essential piece of equipment.

Hot air balloon safari

Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the plains, birds of the air, herds of elephants and buffalo, and more as you soar into the air over Amboseli National Park during this early morning excursion.

Traditional dances

In the midst of the forest, sip your drinks while being fascinated and amazed by the traditional Maasai dances performed outside your lodge by the campfire.

Horseback safari

Documentary Film | Masai Mara Horseback Safari

Experience Amboseli like the ancient explorers did—in the wild, away from the safari vehicle’s constant hum—on a horseback ride past elephants and giraffes and meet local tribespeople.

Photography safaris

At Amboseli, guests on photo safaris will find a photographic paradise where they can embark on a luxury photography tour with others who share their passion and capture unforgettable moments.

Observation Hills

With breathtaking views of the park and its animals, this spot is perfect for a picnic or lunch. A peaceful area where guests may relax and take in the park scenery at their own leisure, with tables and benches conveniently placed nearby.

As you unwind and discover more about the intriguing history of the Maasai people and the Amboseli ecosystem, you can take in the breathtaking scenery from the well-maintained facilities.

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