Is Uganda Good for Safari

Why Choose Uganda As Your Safari Destination?

Is Uganda good for safari?

Wondering, Why Choose Uganda As Your Safari Destination? or Is Uganda good for safari? here is why you should actually visit Uganda.  Uganda has much to offer,  the reason it is actually dubbed the Pearl of Africa.

In case you are wondering why you should choose Uganda as your next safari destination, then there’s a lot . Just as you arrive in Uganda, the biggest lake on the African continent – Lake Victoria will calm you down with the cool breeze. 

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Baby chimp – Why Choose Uganda As Your Safari Destination?

Weather in Uganda is pleasant since it’s straddled by the equator line with temperatures at an average of about 22 degrees celsius year-round.

This weather makes safaris perfect most of the time of the year. Even in the rainy season, don’t be surprised to have the day bright and the sun is shining. 

Gorilla safaris Uganda is the top safari activity with the highest number of habituated mountain gorillas in the country.

Other extremely amazing activities include hiking, birding, fishing at Murchison Falls, wildlife tours, and several adventure trips.

Every kilometer you move in Uganda the scenery changes. The country is scenic and very beautiful to the eyesight.

It never gets boring on the long drives with greenery in the background formed by several forests that form 6.3% of the total land area. 

Fresh fruit will always make your meals tastier. Uganda serves much of fresh foods grown from within the country as well as lots of fruits in the markets and many spots. The pineapples, sweet bananas, papaya, jackfruit, and many more are juicy and must not be missed on your trip. 

What To See While On Safari in Uganda:

Why Choose Uganda as a Destination? & Is Uganda Good for safari

1. Wildlife:

Uganda is an African Big Five wild game viewing safari destination where the Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions, Leopards, and Rhinos can be seen roaming on the savannah plains. Wildlife safaris Uganda offers many more wild species with about 330 mammal species.

About 7 species are endangered, 17, near threatened, 2 vulnerable, and no more critically endangered species since Mountain gorilla numbers increased to 1004. Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees are also part of the wildlife species found in large numbers within Uganda rather than in any other destination in the African continent. 

2. Birds:

Long Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda birding safaris are perfect for avid birders, seasoned birders, groups, families, and solo travelers.

Uganda has over 1,065 confirmed bird species distributed all through the borders of the country. 

Shoebill stork is the sought-after bird species by many of the birders in Uganda.

24 Albertine Rift endemics can also be seen in Uganda and these include the Ruwenzori Batis, Handsome Francolin, and many more.

3. Scenery:

Uganda is beautiful, in every kilometer, you move in Uganda the scenery changes. The country is scenic and very beautiful to the eyesight. It never gets boring on the long drives with greenery in the background formed by several forests that form 6.3% of the total land area. 

4. Visit historical and cultural sites:

With lots of traditions and cultures, Uganda safaris get amazing when you take a visit to these cultural sites. Some of the sites include the Uganda Museum where you can learn almost all about Uganda. 

Kasubi tombs also within Kampala is a preservation point for the traditions of the Baganda- a Bantu tribe within the central region. The architecture here is traditional with a touch of the old and original way of construction in the typical African setting. 

How Unique is Uganda from other African Safari Destinations?

Winston Churchill was wowed and named Uganda the Pearl of Africa even before having a gorilla trekking or chimpanzee tracking experience. This is because Uganda is an extraordinary safari destination with lots of endemics and friendly people.

Half of the world’s Mountain Gorillas, the worlds’ most powerful waterfalls, the highest mountain ranges, almost half of Africa’s bird species, the world’s longest river, Africa’s largest freshwater lake, the biggest chimpanzee numbers, and the continents most friendly people are all in Uganda. 

Surprising how all of these wonders fit in a single country just  236,040 sq km! this makes Uganda unique and indeed tours to Uganda on top of traveler bucket lists. 

Best Uganda safari itineraries

Already planning to visit Uganda? choosing the perfect itinerary can be a nightmare, however, we just made that easy for you. Depending on your preferred safari activity, here is a list of the best sample itineraries for a safari in Uganda;

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