Why Visit Namibia: 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Namibia

Why Visit Namibia: A Dream World In Real Life

Learn about the best reasons why visit Namibia. The country has reimagined itself as a paradise for intrepid adventurers and nature lovers, providing desert experiences, exclusive game drives, charming boutique hotels, and breathtaking landscapes. “The Land God Made in Anger”—Namibia—was carved out by violent natural forces!

South Africa and Tanzania are immediately thought of when one considers safaris; Kenya provides abundant opportunities for cultural exchange; and the Sahara, the biggest hot desert on Earth, is sure to captivate any traveller. Namibia, on the other hand, is a peaceful nation of nearly-superlatives that provides all of the above with less tourists. That alone should be enough to convince discerning tourists to book tours of Namibia.

Namibia is a location where the notion of ‘enormity’ can be both fully understood and experienced. The primary highlight of a trip to Namibia is undoubtedly the immense and unparalleled sand dunes found in the ancient Namib Desert. However, this Southern African nation, situated between the Kalahari Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, possesses many further surprises.

Namibia, a vast and thinly inhabited country, is characterised by its expansive skies and breathtaking landscapes. Places like Damaraland, the Skeleton Coast with its shipwrecks, and the Kaokoveld are characterised by their vast emptiness and unique ambiance. However, despite their remote locations, these regions are home to exceptional lodges that offer adventurous tourists peaceful and comfortable retreats. There is a substantial amount of wildlife that exceeds common expectations.

If your desire is to observe distinctive fauna, then the wildlife in Namibia will not fail to meet your expectations. Etosha National Park offers exceptional opportunities for observing wildlife, renowned for its waterholes teeming with animals and plentiful presence of predators. Scattered populations of desert-adapted elephant, black rhino, giraffe, ostrich, oryx, and lion can be observed in remote and less popular locations such as Damaraland and Kaokoveld. These distinctive creatures have adjusted their behaviours to thrive in one of the most challenging habitats on Earth, and observing them is a notable experience during a safari in Namibia.

A Safari in Namibia is perfect for individuals who are passionate about wildlife. The country’s well-developed road system and easily reachable locations make it an excellent choice for independent visitors who prefer self-drive safaris. Namibia has a selection of top-notch lodges that are situated in secluded areas, providing a high level of comfort and exclusivity. These accommodations are ideal for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Additionally, families with children will appreciate the country’s safe environment, efficient infrastructure, and welcoming atmosphere.

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Namibia

A Place Of Otherworldly Landscapes

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

If you have been conducting research on a journey to this nation, you have likely seen terms such as ‘Namibia moonscape’ or ‘Namibia welwitschia plains’. The Namib Desert, being the most ancient desert on the planet, not only contributes to making the country one of the least heavily populated areas globally, but it also plays a crucial role in creating unparalleled and awe-inspiring scenery in Namibia.

Namibia’s sceneries and landscapes are characterised by the Namib’s vast sand dunes, dry gravel plains, and rocky topography, creating a very breathtaking and dramatic environment. Indeed, several regions of Namibia bear such a striking resemblance to the Martian landscape that one may easily mistake them for the red planet.

  • Sail among the towering red sand dunes of Sossusvlei on a safari in a hot air balloon.
  • Stop at the hauntingly picturesque Deadvlei (meaning “dead marsh”).
  • Discover the wild and unspoiled splendour of Damaraland.
  • Experience the eerie beauty of the Skeleton Coast on guided beach walks and 4×4 excursions.
  • Explore the depths of the world’s second-largest canyon, the Fish River Canyon.
  • Marvel at the night sky in NamibRand Nature Reserve, the world’s second-most-stellar location and the sole International Dark Sky Reserve in Africa.

One-Of-A-Kind Game Viewing Opportunities

Damaraland Namibia | What’s it like to travel to Namibias wildest most unvisited destination

The temporary water holes surrounding Etosha Pan attract an abundance of animals on a biblical scale throughout the dry season (May to October) in Namibia. The adjacent grasslands provide food for dense herds of plains game and Namibian wildlife like as giraffe, elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, and cheetah, while the enormous mineral pan—the size of Holland—dominates Etosha National Park.

A few desert-adapted elephant, black rhino, giraffe, ostrich, oryx, and springbok (gazelle) populations call Damaraland home. When foraging for water and food, desert-adapted elephants can cover up to 70 km (40 mi) every day—and unlike their larger savannah relatives, they don’t chop down any trees along the way.

The untamed, mystical Kaokoveld is a breathtaking mountain range. Rare desert-adapted animals such as lions, elephants, black rhinos, giraffes, and oryx find sanctuary in the area. The migratory lions of the Kaokoveld have gotten very creative in order to survive in this extremely hostile environment. Because prey is scarce in the desert, these formidable cats have mastered the art of hunting down large mammals, including elephants and giraffes.

  • During the dry season, you can see a plethora of Namibian species in Etosha.
  • Follow the tracks of desert-adapted rhinos in Damaraland on foot.
  • Visit Kaokoveld on your quest to spot the desert-dwelling lion and elephant.
  • On safaris around the Skeleton Coast, you may see brown hyenas and Cape fur seals.
  • If you’re a birdwatcher, you must visit the Caprivi Strip in Namibia.

Ideal For The Self-Driver


A trip to Namibia isn’t complete without sufficient time or money to see all the sights. Flying to faraway places in this enormous nation is a breeze if you’re flush with cash. There is no better African country for self-drive safaris if you have plenty of time and a strong sense of independence.

Being the one to drive is far from being an adventurous adventurer. Hire a car and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need for a safe self-drive vacation in Namibia, including a full schedule of events, precise maps, and more.

Despite the seemingly endless distances, the country’s roads are excellent, mostly empty, and very straight. You may experience the natural beauty and vast emptiness of the Namibian landscapes firsthand when you drive yourself, and you can also set your own speed while creating your adventure.

  • The majority of tourists that visit Namibia choose for a self-drive vacation.
  • Safari destinations, like as Etosha National Park, have excellent road networks.
  • You can save the most money by driving yourself.
  • Go at your own leisure while you’re on holiday in Namibia.

The Ultimate Adventure Playground

The Africa They DON’T Show You! – NAMIBIA (Swakopmund)

The magnificent vistas of Namibia are unparalleled in their grandeur and splendour. Picture a turbulent shoreline littered with shipwrecks and bones from whales and seals, towering inselbergs, or ochre sand dunes more than 300 metres (985 ft) tall.

An adventure vacation to Namibia can include everything from sandboarding down the dunes of the oldest desert on Earth to climbing the granite faces of the ‘Matterhorn of Africa,’ a mountain in Africa.

  • Explore the Fish River Canyon on foot; it is the world’s second-largest canyon.
  • Ride a sandboard down the enormous dunes of the Namib Desert.
  • Climb the inselberg Spitzkoppe, which towers over the Damaraland arid plains, for some rock climbing.
  • Just outside of Swakopmund, you’ll find mountain bike trails that wind through the lunar landscape of Namibia.
  • Take a balloon flight over the breathtaking Sossusvlei dunes first thing in the morning.

Meet The Desert Specialists


Set off on an adventure to encounter the San Bushmen in a remote area of the Kalahari. This native hunter-gatherer culture is still using tools from the Stone Age, yet they have an understanding of their surroundings that scientists are only now starting to grasp. Their survival abilities are astounding, and their knowledge of the environment is quite remarkable.

Originally from the Kaokoveld region in northern Namibia, the Himba are a distinct indigenous tribe. Meeting them is one of the most enriching cultural experiences in all of Africa. They are well-known for shielding themselves from the scorching, dry desert heat with otjize paste, a cosmetic blend of butterfat and ochre colour. Because of this, Himba hair and skin take on a unique texture and an orange-red hue.

  • Discover the incredible ingenuity and resourcefulness of the San Bushmen, the indigenous people of southern Africa.
  • Get to know the Himba, Namibia’s only remaining nomadic people.
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