Silverback Gorilla Facts: Weight, Strength, Size, and Lifespan

About Facts the Silverback Gorilla – is Adult Male Mountain Gorilla. Everything to know about the Silverback Gorilla; Strength, Height, Lifespan, Size.

Adult male mountain gorillas are referred to as “silverbacks.” This is because the hair on the backs of male mountain gorillas begins to grayish or silver-colored as they mature. Because of their distinctive color and big size, silverback gorillas are simple to see on a gorilla hike in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo. The silverback gorilla group/family is usually led by the strongest and most dominating silverback gorilla. As a result, it is typical to see adolescent silverbacks battling with the group’s leader as they strive to take over the leadership of their family; this is one of the fascinating things you might observe during your gorilla trekking tour.

Why Choose Uganda As Your Safari Destination?

Silverback gorilla

Why does a silverback charge?

Normally, hibernating silverback gorillas charge, pounding their chests and howling. This could be a sort of play, an attempt to intimidate, or merely to warn the group that there is something unique going on, or it could simply be the start of an encounter. When the silverback gorillas do this, the nearby adult females, youngsters, and babies cuddle together, their bellies to the ground and their feet and hands wrapped beneath their bodies. This is done to demonstrate their surrender to the silverback.

Silverback Gorilla size and weight

Silverback gorillas typically weigh 135 to 195 kilograms (300 to 430 pounds) and stand 1.5 to 1.8 meters (4 feet 11 in to 5 ft 11) tall with an arm span ranging from 2.3 to 2.6 meters.

How powerful is a silverback gorilla in comparison to a human or an adult man?

An average silverback gorilla is at least seven to 18 times stronger than an adult male. Therefore an adult male cannot wrestle and win against a wild silverback gorilla, which instinctively learns to fight other silverbacks in the battle for dominance.

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