A Complete Horseback Safari in Uganda Guide (Updated 2024)

Touring Uganda’s stunning landscape and unique culture on horseback is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Experience authentic African culture as you ride through magical woods, traditional communities, and luscious plantations.

Uganda is rich in biodiversity thanks to the presence of the continent’s largest lake, the world’s longest river, and the continent’s tallest mountain range. Explore the local culture of Uganda as you ride through the country’s quaint villages, lush farmlands, and stunning plantations. Enjoy horseback excursions across Uganda’s wilds in pursuit of elusive primates and brilliant birds. Talk to us if you’re interested in extending your trip to Uganda so that you can go mountain gorilla tracking or visit one of the many neighboring countries.

Uganda Horse Safari

Horseback Safaris in Uganda

Despite its tremendous attractions, Uganda is sometimes neglected due to its controversial history. However, the development of the adventure travel industry has changed all that. Amazing horseback riding is available on this one-of-a-kind safari that visits the delta of the Nile, the world’s longest river. Cross swamps and gallop over hills to discover stunning vistas beyond, or venture into lush green rain-forests and imagine yourself a jungle explorer in search of uncommon birds and monkeys. Ride horses for a day along the shore of mystical Lake Victoria, then follow the river to its beginning in Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital.

Enjoy a true taste of rural Africa as you ride through picturesque sugar cane and tea plantations and large open fields in Uganda. Uganda welcomes families, couples, and intrepid solo travelers in search of an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience. They are suitable for riders with varying levels of skill, but they really shine for those who can keep up with the fast speed and varied terrain for long periods of time.

Visitors who are looking for a more thrilling vacation experience might combine horseback riding with a trip into the foggy mountains in search of chimpanzees and gorillas. We can also plan an overland adventure to the country’s national parks to view even more spectacular fauna.

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