Hot Air Balloon Experience in Uganda

Explore the wilderness of the pearl in a unique and interesting way by taking a hot air experience in Uganda. Hot air balloons in Uganda have many shapes and sizes, most of them are regular cone-shaped balloons, or what is known as balloon shapes. The size of the balloon is quantified with the amount of air the balloon can carry.


The bigger the volume of air the more weight the balloon can hold and thus the higher number of passengers it can accommodate.  The maximum capacity is usually 8 passengers that are permitted to fly up in the balloon; however, the size of the balloon dictates the number of passengers the hot air balloon can carry. Hot air balloons fly high to greater heights above sea level reaching 10000 ft. high. While on a hot air balloon safari the excluded are the little children of the age of 6 and below because the Hot Air Balloon goes as high as 10000 ft., above sea level which might leave them uneasy.

The Hot Air Balloon experience in Uganda was first introduced in 2011 by the Dream Balloon Company which was licensed to operate Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda.

The Hot Air Balloon experience in Uganda is one of the most do while on your safari in the country’s most famous destinations like Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Watching wildlife and all other physical features from above is really an amazing experience that will leave you with no more travel imagination.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda
Hot Air Balloon Safari in Uganda

Where to go for a Hot Air Balloon Experience in Uganda?

In Uganda, Hot Air Balloon Experience is one of the most interesting, exciting, and memorable activities one would love to participate in and is done in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest protected area in Uganda with plenty of wildlife with animals such as elephants, giraffes, all the big cats, four of Africa’s Big Five, and lack only Rhinos. A hot air balloon safari to the park will offer you a great chance for wildlife sightings and you will also grab a chance to see how they set the hot air balloons, especially the last-minute preparation such as pumping air in the balloon before you could soar high.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is another place to visit for a hot air balloon experience in Uganda. The park is home to adventure; you wake up right on time to get the dawn, as you noiselessly fly over the fields of Queen Elizabeth National Park. A flight here on a hot air balloon will offer you a great chance to see the groups of cape buffaloes, and elephants and sincerely appreciate the quiet quietness of the African shrub.

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