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Kabira Safaris & Tours Plus Kabira Digital Inc was Co-founded by Joseph Bugingo, an internationally recognized SEO Expert in the Tourism Industry especially in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and other African Countries.

After failing with his first five online businesses – such as Ndongo Music, Joseph finally struck gold with a site in the Tourism space in 2018. He created Kabira Safaris and Tours with Amagoro Sharon who had a lot of information regarding the Tourism Industry in Africa and because Joseph had gained a lot of knowledge on how Google, Bing, and Yandex work.

Since launching Kabira Safaris, Joseph quickly made a name for himself by Growing Online Presence for many Tourism Companies in Africa especially Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. You Might ask why he doesn’t mention the names of the company on this Website – it’s because these companies don’t allow but after you contact him or else Bing/Yandex/Google Search about Him “Bugingo Joseph” you find this information. Thanks.

Further More, Joseph Bugingo is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Kabira Safaris and Tours and Kabira Digital Inc – he is an extremely likable figure, with a big heart and a passion for travelings, computer games and He loves the Development Challenges when it comes to Technology. He is one of the driving forces behind the Kabira Safaris & Kabira Digital Inc (a Digital Marketing Agency in Africa – Uganda).

Joseph’s first African adventure was in Uganda. The experience was more awesome than he could have imagined. The trip included seeing tree Climbing Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. His favorite moment was spotting lions that climb trees even up to now he still talks about it. and “He Says what an Adventure” 

Before Kabira Safaris, Joseph was the Lead developer at XTeam, Participated in the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda MedTech Hack-a-thon and Oracle certificated person.

Joseph holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Software Engineering from Makerere University. and His Certificated in Oracle Application Developments Plus Content Management Systems like WordPress. (“They say he a WordPress Guru” and Recently he again a name on the stress the SEO Expert)

While I was an undergraduate at Makerere University, I did research under Yaka Meter, the recently used prepayment system in Uganda for Electricity.

With guidance from Ms. Nsabagwa Mary and Dr. Kamulegeya Grace B, I designed user studies, then built hardware, firmware, and software to power these studies. I ran tests, analyzed the results, iterated (a lot), and finally developed a working system – Known as “Kiboko Smart Meter. This work was the subject of my undergraduate thesis as well as a conference publication:

Special Thanks to Lecnush Rogers, Jame,  Bulega Godfrey, Messach Luminsa, Savistron, Mugowa Nicholas, and my amazing family these people are have been there for me during these achievements.

For More Information:

Email: bugingojosephnotes@gmail.comjoseph@kabiraugandasafaris.com
Tel/WhatsApp: (+256) 70437934 or 788059079
Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

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