Wilderness Magashi Camp Facts, Photos, Tours, Activities

Wilderness Magashi Camp Facts, Photos, Tours, Reviews, Activities, Booking Price.
Magashi Camp, located on the shores of Lake Rwanyakazinga in Akagera National Park, is the perfect place to experience the diverse wildlife of Rwanda. While gorillas and chimpanzees are safe in the eastern jungles, Akagera is home to a plethora of plains game and the occasional sighting of the Big Five. This is the Rwanda you never knew existed, as seen from the comfort of Magashi Camp, where eight beautiful tents dangle over hippo-filled lakes and a magnificent boma crackles under the stars.

Wilderness Safaris Magashi Camp – Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Location of Wilderness Magashi Camp

You can leave the slopes of the mountains and enter the lush savannah of Akagera National Park after a three-hour journey from Kigali. Magashi can be found out to the northeast on its own little peninsula. With the recent reintroduction of lions and black rhino, this area is once again home to a thriving wildlife population. Magashi makes the most of their private preserve by providing both daytime and evening game drives in addition to boating safaris on their decked-out swamp cruisers.

Rooms at Wilderness Magashi Camp

Magashi has only eight tents, so staying there is always a cozy experience. The tents line the lakeshore, perched high in the trees to provide stunning vistas of the park and spacious decks from which to take it all in. Soft blush pink and light khaki are softened by the braided light fixtures within. The natural materials and expansive windows create a sense of openness to the outdoors. There are also spacious bathrooms with walk-in showers and dual sinks in the master suites. This may look like a tent, but you’re not exactly roughing it in the great outdoors.

Why we like Wilderness Magashi Camp

Magashi demonstrates that Akagera has more to offer than the other plains sites in East Africa by checking off over 500 bird species, all of the Big Five, plus a full array of other plains wildlife. The night drives are a tremendous treat. Magashi’s exclusive region allows for a unique experience every night when the nocturnal world comes to life. Tree-climbing lions, uncommon sitatunga, and Africa’s highest hippo population density make for exciting days.

Wilderness Magashi Activities:

Wilderness Magashi offers a great range of activities, as follows:

  • Expertly guided game drives: Beautiful mountains, expansive grasslands, swamps, and lakes may all be found within Akagera National Park’s 1,120 square kilometers of land. It’s the only park in Rwanda that’s home to all Big Five – lion, rhino, leopard, elephant, and buffalo! Hyenas, jackals, Maasai giraffes, Burchell’s zebras, and a wide variety of antelopes are just some of the smaller predators and herbivores found in the area. Day trips departing from the lodge are available at sunrise and sunset.
  • Night drives: You can see leopards, hyenas, civets, and bush babies, among other nocturnal animals, in Akagera if you go out after dark.
  • Boating: We’ll load everyone up in a boat and take out across Lake Rwanyakazinga. Numerous hippo, Nile crocodiles, and an exciting variety of waterbirds call the lake their home.
  • Catch-and-release fishing: The lake is also great for fishermen; those who enjoy casting for species such as catfish and tilapia can easily while away an afternoon there.
  • Guided walks: Please note, the availability of this activity depends on the time of your visit and also whether an expert guide is in camp during your stay. Visitors to Akagera who are interested in learning more about the park’s flora, fauna, and microorganisms will enjoy going on walks. More than 480 different kinds of birds have been spotted here, from storks and herons to egrets and even the magnificent crowned crane.

**There are enormous and potentially dangerous animals in the neighborhood, and the land is not fenced in. If you elect to remain here, always be vigilant when going around the camp and inquire for a member of staff to guide you if you have any worries. After nightfall, an escort is automatically provided for any visitor.**

Wilderness Magashi Camp Tours

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