2024 1 Day Nyungwe Canopy Walk Adventure & Experience, Cost

A Once in a Lifetime Experience – 1 Day Nyungwe Canopy Walk Adventure. This 1 Day Canopy Walk Adventure in Nyungwe Forest National Park offers Briding, chimps, and the Black and White Angolan colobus monkeys watching.

Detailed – 1 Day Nyungwe Canopy Walk

The 1 Day Nyungwe Canopy Walk will begin. After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to Nyungwe National Park for your canopy walk. On your 1 Day Canopy Walk Adventure in Nyungwe Forest National Park, you will drive through the winding roads through the vast tea farms and enjoy a stunning glimpse of the high green hills that have earned Rwanda the moniker “Land of a Thousand Hills.”

Camping and Hiking in the Nyungwe Rain Forest in Rwanda

Because of the many hills in the country, you may also encounter cornered roads during this 1 Day Canopy Walk in Nyungwe. The guide will tell you about the park’s history as well as the various activities and trails that can be found there. We will do a canopy walk on this 1 Day Nyungwe Canopy Walk safari since this is the most exciting activity, and you may get a chance to observe I ‘host monkey, tree species, some of which have excited for decades and centuries.

The walk that will be seen during this 1 Day Nyungwe Canopy Walk Adventure is 70 meters above ground level and 90 meters long. The platform is also over a steep and deep valley running across enormous vegetation. You will be “eye-to-eye” with the other person.

During the canopy, there are 300 bird species, all of which prefer the highest scales of the forest. Following the canopy adventure, we will climb back to the reception and relax for 15 minutes before driving back to Kigali.

Nyungwe National Park is located in the southwest, encompassing an area of 1016 km across the gorgeous hills of southeast Rwanda. It is the largest highland rain forest in central and east Africa, as well as one of the oldest, going back to before the Ice Age. The forest is home to about 1025 plant species, including over 500 orchid and gigantic lobelia species. Nyungwe also features 13 primate species, including chimps and the Black and White Angolan colobus monkeys. It also has habituated species such as Mangabeys and Blue Monkeys. Nyungwe forest has its own Canopy. And it’s the only canopy in East Africa.

Stop At: National Museum of Rwanda

The Ethnographic Museum, formerly known as the National Museum of Rwanda, is Rwanda’s national museum. Butare is where you’ll find it. It was constructed with the assistance of the Belgian government. It originally opened in 1989 and is a good source of knowledge about the country’s and region’s cultural past.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Exploring Nyanza culture and history

Nyanza was the palace of Rwanda’s royalty in ancient times. It was the final residence of Rwanda’s kings. The buildings of the historic King Mutara III Rudahigwa still survive and are used as the Royal Palace Museum and the Art Gallery Museum, respectively.

Duration: 1 hour


  • All along the way, you will be served mineral water
  • On our arrival to Nyungwe, we will stop at Gisakura, take our lunch, and relax for some minutes just before we go for the Canopy Walk adventure


  • Visa to Rwanda
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