Budget Uganda Wildlife Safaris: Expect The Unexpected

Uganda is home to several wildlife species and a great destination for Budget Uganda Wildlife Tours/short Uganda wildlife safaris. These Budget Uganda Wildlife Tours/Short Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tours are popular safaris to the different national parks, especially Murchison Falls National ParkShort Uganda wildlife safaris are those itinerary packages that last for 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and 5 days.  These tours are popular because they take a short period of time therefore favorable for those who have limited time in the Pearl of Africa and they are also affordable. 

To have a memorable Budget Uganda Wildlife Tours/short wildlife safari in Uganda, one should ensure that it is well planned with desired Uganda safari activities. Any of the 10 national parks in Uganda can be visited on a short trip in Uganda. The top short Uganda wildlife tours include 2 days Murchison Falls Safari, 3 days Murchison Falls safari, 2 days Lake Mburo safari, 3 days Queen Elizabeth National Park tour, 4 days Queen Elizabeth safari, 4 days Murchison Falls Safari, and 4 days Kidepo safari.

The Best national parks for Uganda wildlife safaris include Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. These are the best savannah parks that offer perfect game viewing opportunities on game drives as well as boat cruises. The best time for short wildlife tours in Uganda is during the dry season when the rains are less in the months of June – September, and December to February.

Budget Uganda Wildlife Safaris

We have well tailored short trips in the best wildlife viewing parks of Uganda and here is a detailed itinerary of each of these tours. You can choose a package from these or customize them to suit your preferences.

Murchison falls National Park Uganda

3 Days Murchison Falls safari in Uganda is a Uganda safari in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest and oldest safari park. An affordable and activity filled is this 3 Days Murchison Falls wildlife safari including Rhino tracking, wildlife tours and chimpanzee trekking.

Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda - Kabira Uganda Safaris

4 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari is a 4 days safari to Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park dubbed the “true African wilderness”. Kidepo Valley National Park is such a unique destination, almost “untouched” and so scenic sitting within a valley surrounded by several mountains.

4 Days Queen Elizabeth NP Safari - Kabira Uganda Safaris

4 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari is a 4 days wildlife safari in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth National Park famed for tree climbing lions. In the 4 Days, you have a wildlife tour through the savannah plains with game drives and boat cruise. The park is located in the far north eastern part.

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chimpanzee tracking safari in Kibale National Park

4 Days Murchison Falls Safari with Chimpanzee Trekking is a short safari to Murchison Falls National Park with chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest.

4 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari (tree climbing Lions) - Kabira Uganda

2 Days Queen Elizabeth safari is two days wildlife safari in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a boat cruise and game drive. 2 Days Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lake Mburo National Park - Kabira Uganda Safaris

2 Days Lake Mburo National Park tour is a short tour with an overnight stay at Lake Mburo National ParkUganda’s closest savannah park from the capital-Kampala.

2 Days Murchison Falls safari Uganda - Kabira Uganda Safaris

2 Days Murchison Falls safari Uganda is a short trip to the oldest and largest (3,840 sq km) safari park in Uganda – Murchison Falls National Park in just 2 days. This 2 Days Murchison Falls National Park Safari is a wildlife tour with a boat cruise.

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