Birds of Uganda: An Ultimate 1000+ Bird List for Avid Birders

The sheer number of bird species in Uganda can be overwhelming for both people who have never been bird-watching in Africa before and people who have done it before in other parts of the continent. So, we made this Uganda birding beginner’s list with 50 important birds that live in different parts of Uganda to help you.

There are some common or very rare birds on the list of 50 key birds you must see in Uganda that are likely to impress first-time guests (or sometimes birders from other parts of Africa), even if they don’t know much about birds.

To keep things reasonable, the 30–40 bird species that can only be found in Semuliki National Park, the 24 Albertine Rift endemics, and the true weavers are not on the birding list.

Even though these birds were left out, Philip Briggs and Andrew Roberts chose more common, interesting, or unique birds over birds like greenbuls and cisticolas in their Bradt Travel Guides. At the end of each item in Stevenson and Fanshawe’s Birds of East Africa, the plate number is given so that it is easy to find.

Birds of Uganda

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