Coronavirus Travel Advisories, Guidelines, Restrictions in Africa (Updated)

Coronavirus Travel Advisories, Guidelines, Restrictions in Africa. We Dearly understand that you are excited about travelling to Africa for an unforgettable Safari Adventure. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, your visit was never more welcome and needed than it is now. The national parks, their wildlife and the people working in the safari industry rely heavily on the money brought by adventurers, like yourself, who come to experience Africa’s wonders first hand.

Tourism in Africa not expected to recover until 2023 after impact of Covid

But before packing your binoculars and camera we recommend that you read up on the latest developments in the safari country you are planning to visit. Below we have included a list of websites that contain the most important information, as well as financial security tips for booking a safari, Day Trip and Tours.

Status of the Coronavirus Outbreak Per Safari Country

Please note that the policy and capability of countries to test for coronavirus varies widely. If testing is done on a limited scale, the number of coronavirus cases and deaths reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) might be lower than the actual reality in a particular country.

Uganda – Coronavirus Situation
Tanzania – Coronavirus Situation
Rwanda – Coronavirus Situation
Congo (DRC) – Coronavirus Situation
Kenya – Coronavirus Situation

Coronavirus-Related Travel Restrictions Per Safari Country

Coronavirus-related entry requirements and travel restrictions can change on a daily basis. Most tourist boards and government organizations of African countries struggle to keep their websites up- to-date. The travel advisories of Australia, the UK, US and EU countries are currently the most reliable online resources for up-to-date information. Of those advisories, we specifically recommend the Australian and UK travel advisories as these offer the most specific and complete information. Click a safari country below to access links to travel advisories for that particular safari country.

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