CTC Conservation Center: A Premier Eco-tourism Destination

Conservation and tourism are inseparable when it comes to long-term viability. The many facets of conservation revolve around conservation centers, which serve as educational hubs, homes for injured or neglected animals, and breeding facilities for endangered animal breeds.

The expansive CTC Conservation Center, located just outside of Mpigi town, welcomes visitors to a natural wonderland where the well-being of animals takes precedence over all else.

With phrases like, “I hope you are fine with dogs, there are quite a number,” the handlers at CTC are at your service after a literal uphill drive. Just as the warning is about to sink in, a fluffy, furry being will come to your side, wagging its tail and eyes so bright with excitement that you would think they knew you before.

“You are in the right place; paws, fur, cuddles and sniffs await you, your majesty.” It’s the ultimate sign that sends the message to all animal lovers.

Trailer: Wild News From CTC Conservation Center – A Chat With Thomas Price & Holly Olive Akello

CTC Conservation Center

Following the informal introductions, the experience starts with the opening of the gates, the scent of freshly cut grass, the sound of the Igauana basking in the sun at the rock, the distant roar of a lion, and other faint noises here and there.

The experience is filled with pure delight, and the sight is truly unique. An ideal combination of animal sounds that will delight your inner animal lover: barks, woofs, grants, crows, and roars. If you’ve ever dreamed of living on a farm, you’ve probably experienced that magical moment when you get to do both caressing horses and riding ponies.

While there is a lot to select from at CTC, the guides will choose the finest options based on your schedule and, in most cases, will keep the best for last so you may enjoy them to the fullest.

Explore CTC Conservation with Chukie Rhymes

Who could resist a terrifying leap from Loki or a cosy embrace from Femi and Benaiah? Was that when we parted ways? First things first: neither the gas station girl you have a crush on, nor the pizza delivery guy whose name you can’t remember, goes by the nicknames Femi nor Loki. These adorable lion babies at CTC are full of life and energy, despite being members of a violent clan. They’re also surprisingly cuddly.

The Bat-eared fox is native to the African savanna and, contrary to your wild encounters on Nat Geo, will have the time of your life when you feed it. The fox gets its name from its large ears, which also improve its hearing; these ears allow the fox to detect the movement of a single termite or beetle larva up to a foot underground.

In order to spare you the pain of falling head over heels for them, it is my delightful obligation to tell you that they have incredibly slim and attractive faces. Luna and Sparky were really sweet; I got to hold their bowl of food as they ate.

In the Zebras section, you may get up close and personal with some of the non-carnivorous clans, such as the waterbucks, the kobs, who are just breathtaking in their seemingly delicate yet nimble stature, and the donkeys that swoop across the plains. Eddie is the name of this local sensation.

The animals themselves are great, but it is the lush flora in the Zebra part that truly makes the scene come alive. Visiting the zebras for a feeding or sighting is like taking a picturesque stroll through the prairies as you take in the rolling hills that set the stage for a breathtaking horizon.

African Golden Cats, a unique species of wild cat native to the rain forests of West and Central Africa, may be spotted during your visit to the center. Furthermore, it bears the Vulnerable label according to the IUCN Red List. You will have the honor of meeting the Serval cat at CTC; the African Golden Cat, which is twice or three times larger than a typical house cat, is a near related of this animal.

‘Dexter,’ a Serval with what appears to be a lot of “attitude,” a severe expression, and the height of a fashion model, is just another feline whose domain you are welcome to explore. When someone rubs the Genie lamp in just the right manner, Dexter will let them take a brief picture.

African Painted Dogs, skinks, spotted hyenas, iguanas, palm civets, caracal cats, oribis, tortoises, chameleons, snakes, bushbabies, and many more will be among the animals you’ll encounter before the sun goes down.

In the end, spending time playing with Femi, the lion cub, was the most memorable event for me. I watched as Femi enjoyed his chicken on a chilly afternoon beneath a cloudy sky; it was a meal he had requested in the hopes that it would set the mood for our upcoming date. I meticulously followed the instructions because I was unsure of what to bring to the park, so I wouldn’t miss out on his hyperactive jumping and pulling antics.

I got myself ready to meet him by taking off my floppy hat and putting an updo on my braids. According to what I was advised, it would not be ideal for him to be able to clutch the long strands if I let them dangle. I nodded in the affirmative, whatever it took to be closer, I was ready to risk it all. And I did, and I have no regrets whatsoever. He was the best date under the unforgiving skies.

Whichever way you look at it, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for individuals who have dedicated their lives to raising these animals, feeding them, treating them, guiding them and showering them with all the affection that they give us in return.

I stand in awe of every single person giving their expertise, time, resources and dedication to the CTC Conservation Center because they are conserving for generations. Their love for animals is undisputed and it genuinely oozes from the faces you get cap at each enclosure, every paw in your palm and every furry caress that comes your way on this mesmerizing adventure. I couldn’t love it more.

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